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So many business ventures, small & private or large & international, do not succeed or at least stagnate because they have nobody to turn to with business experience for advice and inspiration.

Do you wish to make contact with someone with a lifetime of experience in industry, with maturity that comes with experience (as well as grey hair!), with those key ingredienmts of enthusiasm and energy, and a recognised history of past successes in building small and large, private and public businesses ?
Damikali offers you , and your asociates, coaching and mentoring without strings ... to help you make your business successful and enjoyable.

I would love to hear from you if you are: 
(a) serious about your growth plans (or correcting a decline you dont know how to handle) and  
(b) need 'market management' direction ie how to sell your products and services in your country or in different countries around the world.

My desire to help you succeed  ...
Is driven by a love of business because "Business Success" is both measurable (making MONEY to enjoy life with!) and working together with other people (TEAMWORK like an orchestra or an olympic crew!).

Your own business may offer INNOVATION which is technically, or culturally different 
I can certainly be of benefit ...  and we can certainly do more together if you're involved in :
Environmental ventures: Educating communities on environmental concerns and global sustainability solutions
Educational ventures: Making short human-interest documentary videos - corporate and specific promotion
Cultural ventures: Promoting enterprises that have music and dance to share across the world
Market research : The essence of successful business planning
Communication : Market development needs Training & Teamwork - but how?!
Good food & wine : Feeding the market image with the right diet & vintage!

My interests for enjoying life ...

Hiking - the fresh free air stimulates freedom of thought and vision; and achievemnt in overcoming unexpected obstacles
Golf - the great leveller that tests the temperament and stretches the legs!
Classical music & jazz - arouses hidden emotions that raise the creative spirit for living!
Ballet and theatre - escapism with that extra dimension of 'space'!
Painting - nothing is created without determination and perception; the pleasure comes fast!
Wine - hidden pleasures in spite of clever marketing!
Poetry - perhaps the only lasting way to release feelings of true love and real sadness?

Most Admired ? ...

My children have been the biggest educational and inspirational influences during the latter half of my life and driven me to want to help make business  success out of talent and enthusiasm ....

Favorite Links (to start with) ...

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